What is a Sage Cleansing Massage?

Sage is burnt while a Swedish massage is performed. The practice of burning sage originated as an ancient spiritual ritual and has been well established as a Native American cultural or tribal practice.


How can sage improve your overall well-being?

  • It may be purifying
    • The most-used types of sage have antimicrobial properties. This means they keep infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi at bay.
  • It may help relieve the symptoms of some conditions
    • It turns out that sage may help clear the air of lots more than bugs and bacteria.Though scientifically unproven, burning sage is thought to release negative ions. This is said to help neutralize positive ions.Common positive ions are allergens like:
      • Pet dander
      • Pollution
      • Dust
      • Mold
  • It can be a spiritual tool
    • For healers and laypeople in traditional cultures, burning sage is used to achieve a healing state — or to solve or reflect upon spiritual dilemmas.
  • It may help dispel negative energy
    • Sage may also be used as a ritual tool to rid yourself  or your space  of negativity. This includes past traumas, bad experiences, or negative energies from others.
  • It may help improve your mood
    • Tradition suggests that burning sage can literally lift one’s spirits to banish negativity.
  • It may help soothe stress
    • If burning sage can lift one’s mood, it could also be a great ally against stress.
  • It may improve the quality of your sleep
    • Sage has been traditionally used to safeguard against negativity that could interfere with sleep.
  • It may help boost cognition
    • In addition to dissipating negative energy, improving mood, and strengthening intuition, smudging with sage might improve your memory and focus.
  • It may help boost your energy levels
    • Ridding the body, objects, and spaces of bad energy can help welcome in newer, fresher, and more positive energies. In a way, this could have an energizing effect and help with fatigue.


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