What is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage uses long strokes and light-to-firm pressure to provide gentle relaxation. As Swedish massage is the basis for many deep tissue techniques, the two therapies share many similarities. There are also some key differences that may help a person decide which method will be best for them.


Who is it best for?

For those desiring deep relaxation, a Swedish massage is the classical massage style that comes to mind. Let the friendly massage therapists at Thai Touch Therapy help you unwind in a safe, clean, and cozy space. Mild pressure is applied to the skin that is softened with massage oil/lotion.


How does it work?

  • Technique
    • Swedish massage uses a series of light, long strokes to ease surface tension and stimulate circulation in the muscles. This intensity helps release tension in the deeper layers of muscle and in the connective tissues, or fascia, beneath the muscles.
  • Pressure
    • Swedish massage involves long strokes using light-to-firm pressure. This style generally provides a more relaxing experience, but the pressure may not be enough for some people.
  • Effleurage
    • This massage movement involves long, gentle, rhythmic strokes across the skin. Besides being deeply relaxing, these strokes allow the massage therapist to feel the general muscle tone and identify any problem areas that need work.
  • Friction
    • Friction strokes are short, fast strokes that create heat as the hands or fingers rub against the body. This heat promotes circulation in the area and eases tension.
  • Petrissage
    • Petrissage uses a squeezing technique and lifts the muscle to help release tension.
  • Vibration
    • Vibration is a stroke that involves rapid, superficial movements of the fingertips or palms. If the therapist performs it correctly, it can feel very relaxing for the entire body.
  • Tapotement
    • Tapotement is a series of strikes to the body that helps relax a tense muscle. Many people are familiar with the “karate chop” massage technique, which is one form of tapotement.


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